Travel Beyond the Obvious trains and certifies travel experts who run fee-based travel services for travelers to their locale. Established travel planners can get their Gold Certification to help get more business and stand out from the crowd, and those just starting can purchase our Essentials Bundle which includes both an 8-video Travel Expert Training Program and a Silver Certification to help launch their business to success. All of our programs were developed by Madeline Jhawar, who over the past 11 years has built her own travel service Italy Beyond the Obvious to be one of the most successful businesses of its kind in the world.

Madeline Jhawar is an Italy destination expert with a vision. 11 years ago she set up an online business creating custom Italy vacations for independent travelers that broke all the rules and charged fees instead of commissions. This allowed her to create truly customized trips without worrying about whether the bucket-list destinations she chose also had a commission schedule. Her business has grown significantly since she started, to the point where she hired her first assistant in 2014 and two more in 2018. Her goal is to make graduates of TBO’s courses even more successful than she has been.




Devin McKinney helps people start companies. He was with SoftBook Press in the 90s when they built the first ebook, ran his own web agency in Rome from 2000 to 2003, and has since been involved in over 35 startups as founder or contributor. He is also a mentor and a coach at the RAIN startup incubator in Eugene, Oregon. He wants to bring his passion for coaching and teaching startups to make TBO Certified Travel Experts succeed!