Are you a travel planner? Do you want more business, are you an expert at planning custom trips in a particular locale, and do you charge fees rather than commissions?

If this sounds like you, you are a great candidate to be a founding Certified Travel Expert when we launch our program later this year.

In December Travel Beyond the Obvious will launch the first Travel Expert Certification Program for travel experts who offer:

  1. Custom trips
  2. True travel expertise learned from personal, “boots on the ground” experience
  3. Transparent pricing without any hidden or third-party fees

Reserve your place today as a Founding Member – buy any lesson for $249 and get certified for free!

This is the perfect time to start preparing for the upcoming travel boom.

  • Get in now as a founder and save $1,000 on our package price.
  • We are offering a free Founding Member certification to anyone who has already purchased our Destination Expert Training course for $1,499.
  • When we launch the certification later this year we will raise the package price to $2,499, so if you wait until then you will have to pay the full price.
  • How you can save! We are extending our introductory offer for a limited time, which means you can still sign up for our course now and get your certification later for free.

You can even wait to pay the full amount until after we launch the certification program. Purchase any individual lesson today for $249 and you’ll lock in our Founding Member price of $1,499 when we launch. As an added bonus Founding Members will get a unique version of our CTE badge to display on your marketing materials.

Be one of the first to get certified, and the first in your area to receive deals from our Traveler Matching service. We look forward to welcoming you to our travel expert community!

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