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80% of Businesses fail within 5 years. We want to improve your odds.

Learn what the competitive landscape looks like in your area or find the right area where you will have the best opportunity to beat the odds.

Locate Businesses Better

Our Void Analysis software answers your location questions:

• Where will my business succeed?

• What business will succeed in my building?

• How competitive is this market?

Where to locate your business - see how easy it can be

Competition Index Moves Site Location From Art to Science

• Measures competitiveness for any commercial real estate property based on zip code and category

• Uses proprietary algorithms that combine 400,000 records of Census Data with 13M business profiles.

Hunches can be great. Use data to turn them into reality.

  • Build your Market Model based on where you want to start

  • Learn where you’ll be compared to a baseline of competition

  • Color-coded maps make gap analysis and new location scouting simple