You’ll watch pre-recorded videos of the eight lessons on your own time, and then after
each lesson, we’ll schedule a 30 – 60 minute call to review the material, and go over any
questions you have.
WHERE: Online
Pre-recorded video format. Each week, I’ll send you a link to about an hour of video to
watch for that week’s topic. We’ll schedule a follow-up call together so you can ask for
clarifications or let me know whether anything was missing or unclear.
WHAT: Destination Expert Training course
Eight online classes or modules (see details below)
Facebook group so participants can interact with each other (maybe)
Handouts and recommended reading
In English only


Customers, Service, Pricing
Customer Acquisition
What to Do When You Get a Customer
The 5-Step Travel Planning Process
How to Earn Money
How to Stay Up to Date on Your Recommendations
Measurements, Lessons Learned