Lesson 1: Customer, Services, & Pricing

The Customer (Video 40:35)
Services and Pricing (Video 37:07)
The Customer (PDF)
Services and Pricing (PDF)
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Lesson 2: Customer Acquisition: Website, Marketing and Social

Website and Blog (Video 46:32)
Marketing and Social Media (Video 33:11)
Website and Blog (PDF)
Marketing and Social Media (PDF)
Links (PDF)
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Lesson 3: Closing the Customer/Customer Objections

How to Close a Customer (Video 51:49)
Customer Objections (Video 26:00)
How to Close a Customer (PDF)
Customer Objections (PDF)
Customer Proposal Template (Word)
Invoice Template (Word)
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Lesson 4: The 5-Step Travel Planning Process

Part 1: The 5-Step Travel Planning Process Intro (Video 37:52)
Part 2: The 5-Step Travel Planning Process (Video 1:12:51)
Part 3: The 5-Step Travel Planning Process Tips (Video 21:31)
The 5-Step Travel Planning Process (PDF)
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Lesson 5: How to Earn Money

How to Earn Money (Video 55:55)
How to Earn Money (PDF)
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Lesson 6: Your Little Black Book

Part 1: Your Little Black Book Intro (Video 24:56)
Part 2: Your Little Black Book (Video 47:50)
Your Little Black Book (PDF)
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Lesson 7: Tools for Success

Tools (Video 45:25)
Tools (PDF)
Itinerary Template (Powerpoint)
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Lesson 8: Lessons Learned and What to Measure

Complete Process Overview (Video 17:40)
Lessons Learned (Video 21:04)
What to Measure (Video 22:52)
Sample Work Days (Video 8:05)
Complete Process Overview (PDF)
Lessons Learned (PDF)
What to Measure (PDF)
Sample Work Days (PDF)
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