People no longer yearn for things, they long for experiences. They aren’t satisfied with a checklist on a travel site or a travel agent’s cookie cutter vactation. They want to immerse themselves in local culture, bask in the rays of colors, smells, sights. Feel like a local, if only for a week, and leave with a treasure trove of memories that live on forever.

Certified Travel Experts deliver
“bucket list” experiences.

They have a deep love, appreciation and passion for travel and for showing those that they love their most prized destinations – not as tourists but as temporary locals. If you are the one everyone calls or pings when they’re planning a trip, or you have the best recommendations, the best insights, you may just be a destination expert.

How do our Certified Travel Experts operate?

Planning a trip can be overwhelming – ever wish you had a local expert that you could just consult with when trying to put together a unique journey? A Travel Expert is that local expert – and they can get paid for it too!

Travel Experts save their clients’ valuable time and arrange custom trips in their chosen location for a fee, either per day, per traveler, or based on a schedule they create. Unlike travel agents, they do not charge a commission, and are able to plan every activity and event to create the perfect experience for any number of people.

  • They set up a web site offering their services, and market to people interested in customized trips.
  • They work closely with their clients in the months prior to their trip, and help with last minute changes or “in trip” requests.
  • They handle all logistics. They work with the client to set up the schedule, arrange transportation, lodging, tours and meals as needed.
  • They ensure a high level of service for every type of party. From hostels to five star hotels, whirlwind tours or long-term stays. Or a combination of both.
  • They deliver extraordinary value. Travelers that want a curated trip usually want to be smart about how they spend their money. If they’re willing to pay for a premium hotel in Rome, they expect to get the room with the best view. Or the hotel with the best daycare.
  • They match experiences with interest. Are the clients athletic, wanting to hike/bike/dive at their destinations? Or interested in food, museums, history, learning a language, cooking, art lessons, or just plain shopping. Their tour should fit their interests, and allow for multiple activities in each location for larger groups.
  • They handle groups of any size. From honeymooners looking for the perfect Amalfi tour to a multi-generational reunion in Greece.

A travel expert can be successful anywhere people want to visit. 

New to Travel Planning? Do you know a popular destination like the back of your hand? Are you ready to get started on your dream job? Travel Beyond the Obvious offers an Essentials Package, combining an in-depth 8-lesson course with a Silver Certification that will teach you how to make a successful home-based business out of your destination expertise and then launch your business and brand for success.

Experienced Travel Planner? We offer a Gold Certification for established travel planners who want to stand out in a crowd.