Our Essentials Bundle gives you the three things you need to succeed:

1. Training

2. Certification

3. Community

Travel Expert Training Program

Silver Certification

Travel Expert Network

TETP Completion Badge
Learn the skills you need to launch your business 
Get immediate credibility with travelers
Join an amazing supportive community of travel experts


Video course with 10 hours of video included.

Learn Madeline’s proven 8-Step Process for building your business.

Lessons consist of a mix of videos, PDFs, Word and Powerpoint documents where founder Madeline Jhawar discusses key ideas in depth.

Lessons include checklists, templates, exercises and worksheets.

Display TETP Completion badge in marketing materials.


Personalized business audit with best-practices recommendations

Rights and recognition as a Certified Travel Expert (CTE)

Access to private Travel Expert Facebook group – work together and succeed faster.

Certification Badge (silver) for display
on all online and offline marketing materials.


Access to leads with a custom listing in our exclusive Travel Expert Directory

Travel Expert Finder™ – Priority matching
for traveler trip requests

Membership. You’re part of a tribe now and you’ll get customer referrals from other CTEs

TBO Continuing Education events – popups, mastermind sessions and and more

As part of the Travel Expert Network, display the badge to show you are a member.