People love to travel, but they lack the knowledge and experience to create the best trip possible. Especially if they go somewhere new, where they’ve never been, where they are looking for better trips, hidden treasures, real experiences, tailored to fit their needs and those of their friends and families.

Many of the best most satisfying experiences are impossible for non-locals to find out about. People’s trips are now only as good as the advice they find on TripAdvisor.

People still want a great trip. In fact, the more that they can read about traveling, on the Internet, the more they demand their own curated, customized experience. People’s expectations for what they want now go far beyond what most travel agents could ever offer.

Enter the Destination Expert. There is a new job in the travel industry, a consultant and planner who can help people find those unique incredible experiences. Someone with current, deep knowledge of a place, all that it has to offer. The best times to travel, the perfect places to go. Someone who is organized, detail oriented, service oriented.

A Destination Expert is an insider who can create incredible customized vacations for clients.

Travel Beyond the Obvious offers online webinars to train and certify Destination Experts.

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