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Top 3 Reasons to Get Our Essentials Bundle

1. Learn the ropes with more than 10 hours of video training

You’ll learn everything you need to know to launch your own travel planning business. 

2. Jumpstart your business with a Silver Certification

Once you build your business we’ll help you stand out from the crowd as a Certified Travel Expert – Silver.

3. Join our amazing community of travel experts

You don’t have to do it alone. Help yourself as you work with others during our monthly calls, Mastermind sessions and more!

“The program paid for itself as soon as I landed my first client.”

– Jamie Gominger, Lotus Compass

What People Are Saying About Our Essentials Bundle

Betsy Ball
Euro Travel Coach

Jamie Gominger
Lotus Compass

“I was already planning trips for people. The Essentials course showed me how to make money doing it.”

– Devine Marie, Fantaseek

How Our Essentials Bundle Will Help

Whether you want to build and launch a new travel planning business or grow your existing company the Essentials Bundle will get you where you want to go.

Our proven 8-step process for building a six-figure travel planning business was created by Madeline Jhawar. She founded Italy Beyond the Obvious, one of the first successful fee-based travel planning services, 13 years ago helping people take bucket-list trips to Italy. She designed the 8-step process based on years of experience seeing what works and what helped her build a six figure travel planning business.

The Essentials Bundle provides:
1) Training to help you optimize how you organize your business and plan client trips
2) Silver Certification so that you can stand out from the crowd. You’ll learn what you need to know to pass our rigorous three-part assessment. Being Silver-certified will mean something to your business, and to the community of travelers who work with all of our CTEs.

Without a proven trip planning methodology, and the support of a network of travel experts, most travel planners are on their own. But customers are looking for more. They’re looking for travel experts they can trust to deliver the trip of their dreams. As a Certified Travel Expert you will have access to our Travel Expert Network where travelers are matched with our CTEs. When we match you up, we don’t take any commission or fee for providing you the business.

Finally, you don’t have to do it alone. Everyone who purchases our Essentials Bundle has access to our community of travel experts. You’ll see the benefits from our monthly Zoom check-ins, our active Facebook group, and bi-monthly Mastermind Sessions where we teach our experts new business techniques and strategies for growth.

This Is the Perfect Program For You If...

You Are a Travel Expert

Our students are travel professionals with extensive personal experience. While we don’t teach you travel expertise, we do teach you how to make six figures using it!

You Want to Offer Custom Trips

Our experts know that the best trips are tailored trips, where the entire experience is planned around customers’ interests and needs.

No Hidden Fees

To qualify for certification we require that experts offer full transparency on fees, with no hidden charges.

Madeline Jhawar launched Italy Beyond the Obvious, her wildly successful travel planning business, 12 years ago. She has helped thousands of travelers experience fantastic bucket list trips in every region of Italy. She developed her own 8-Step Process™ so that she could efficiently grow her business, and now she is offering training and certification for other travel experts who want to share her success. 

“Unlike other programs we will never take a cut of your business. We make our money from our classes, and from the certification fee. You keep everything you earn.”

– Madeline Jhawar, Founder, Travel Beyond the Obvious

“The Essentials video course walked me through every step of starting my own business.”

– David Sammel, Magical Mexico Travel