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The Travel Expert Network is a new service for travelers who want to want to take an amazing trip and know that the best way to explore is with a great guide.


This is a listing of all the TBO-trained or certified travel experts. Travelers can browse through, read more about experts planning trips in their chosen location, and contact them directly.

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Travelers can fill out this form to be matched with the perfect Travel Expert.

Our Travel Experts are all trained and certified through our Travel Experts Essentials Bundle and Gold Certification programs with TBO’s proven travel planning methodology.

Are You a Travel Expert?

If you are a Travel Expert and want to be listed here, you can either:

1. Take our Travel Expert Training Program and successfully achieve a Silver Certification, or

2. If you are an established travel planner, you can apply for our Gold Certification.

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Schedule a call with Madeline Jhawar, founder of Travel Beyond the Obvious, to discuss how the Travel Expert Network can help your business.