You want to create a business, not a hobby.This means you’ll also run marketing, finance, operations, and more, in addition to actually planning trips.

You are ready to set up and run an online business. You will have a website and an online presence. This course will discuss some of the ways you will use and market your web site and presence, but you will need to set up your own storefront.

Must-have skills:

You MUST already be a destination expert. This course doesn’t teach you destination expertise. You need to know a destination intimately – where to go, what to do, tips and tricks, insider info, personal experience.

• You need to want to do this kind of work, from home.

• You must be ready to invest the time to launch yourself as a consultant. It can easily take six months to a year to establish your business.

• You must be able to work independently, be self-directed, and be detail-oriented.

• You MUST be comfortable working with North American travelers. The Series 1 webinar is targeted at DE’s serving the North American market.

Like-to-have skills:

• Business experience helps

• Sales experience helps

• Customer Service experience helps

• Worked in the tourism industry

• Fluency in the local language (in some markets this is a must have)

• Good writer/experienced blogger

• Event planning experience