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1. Gain a Competitive Advantage

Be the first in your region to get certified. Stand out in a sea of travel consultants.

2. Join Our Community of Travel Experts

With a Travel Expert Certification you are no longer in business alone. Get advice and support by joining our experienced community of certified travel experts.

3. Grow Your Successful Travel Planning Business

Whether it’s a side business or your main job, build and scale your business with our proven process and the support of our members.

“It’s like getting instant trust from your clients.”

– Jamie Gominger, Lotus Compass

Becoming a Certified Travel Expert Has Never Been So Simple


What People Are Saying About Our Travel Expert Certification

Betsy Ball
Euro Travel Coach

Jamie Gominger
Lotus Compass

“A game changer for my business”

– Betsy Ball, Euro Travel Coach

How a Certification Will Help

Whether you want to build and launch a new travel planning business or grow your existing company the Certified Travel Expert Program will get you where you want to go.

Our strict certification process and standards were created by industry expert Madeline Jhawar who 12 years ago launched Italy Beyond the Obvious, her own wildly successful travel planning business. She is constantly asked by travelers “who else does what you do for other countries?” Her answer was to create the Travel Expert Certification and a community of travel experts certified to plan custom trips anywhere in the world.

Without a proven trip planning methodology, and the support of a network of travel experts, most travel planners are on their own. But customers are looking for more. They’re looking for travel experts they can trust to deliver the trip of their dreams. Becoming a Certified Travel Expert is your path to delivering results for your clients while building and growing your business. And you’ll have more money to use – unlike other certification programs, we only charge for the certification. We do not take any portion of your earnings. 

Travel Beyond the Obvious certifies a limited number of Certified Travel Experts each year. CTEs can then offer their travel planning services with the TBO endorsement and recognition, to attract more clients and grow a successful travel planning business.

Thankfully, the path to becoming a Certified Travel Expert starts with filling in an application form and a brief conversation with one of our experts to find out if you qualify. Simply fill out your application form below to get started!

This Is the Perfect Certification For You If...

You Are a Travel Expert

We certify travel professionals who use their extensive personal experience as the “special sauce” to plan great trips.

You Offer Custom Trips

Our experts know that the best trips are tailored trips, where the entire experience is planned around customers’ interests and needs.

No Hidden Fees

To qualify for certification we require that experts offer full transparency on fees, with no hidden charges.

Madeline Jhawar launched Italy Beyond the Obvious, her wildly successful travel planning business, 12 years ago. She has helped thousands of travelers experience fantastic bucket list trips in every region of Italy. She developed her own 5-Step Process™ so that she could efficiently grow her business, and now she is offering training and certification for other travel experts who want to share her success. 

“Unlike other programs we will never take a cut of your business. We make our money from our classes, and from the certification fee. You keep everything you earn.”

– Madeline Jhawar, Founder, Travel Beyond the Obvious

“I wish that they had offered this certification when I first started.”

– Audrey De Monte, Travels With Audrey

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