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Everything you need to start your own travel planning business
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Travel Expert Training Program

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Our program teaches you everything you’ll need to build and launch an online travel planning business.

The course includes 10+ hours of video and a set of templates and sample documents to use in your business.

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8 Steps To Set Up Your Business

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Step 1: Customer, Services and Pricing

Free Sample – 3 min

Start Here! This lesson is the foundation for all our students. Let’s work out who you’re selling to, what you’re selling, and what you should charge.

The Customer – Video (40:35)
Services and Pricing – Video (37:07)
The Customer – PDF
Services and Pricing – PDF

Step 2: Customer Acquisition, Website, Marketing and Social

Free Sample – 3 min

Your customer is looking for you way more than you’re looking for them! Get found organically without huge marketing spend.

Website and Blog – Video 46:32
Marketing and Social Media – Video 33:11
Website and Blog – PDF
Marketing and Social Media – PDF
Links – PDF

Step 3: Closing the Customer/Customer Objections

Free Sample – 3 min

It’s not always smooth sailing. We’ll show you how to get past the objections and get a signed contract. As a travel expert, you field a lot of requests and you need to close customers fast. Here’s how…

How to Close a Customer – Video 51:49
Customer Objections – Video 26:00 
How to Close a Customer – PDF
Customer Objections – PDF
Customer Proposal Template – Word 
Invoice Template – Word

Step 4: 5-Step Travel Planning Process

Free Sample – 3 min

5-Step Travel Planning Process – the logistical “Secret Sauce” for trip planning!

Part 1: The 5-Step Travel Planning Process Intro – Video 37:52
Part 2: The 5-Step Travel Planning Process – Video 1:12:51
Part 3: The 5-Step Travel Planning Process Tips – Video 21:31
The 5-Step Travel Planning Process – PDF

Step 5: How to Earn Money

Free Sample – 3 min

How to Earn Money – Turning the passion into a paycheck – the different ways you can increase your cash flow – from fees to commissions to affiliate income. One of the most important ways to maximize your earnings is to work efficiently. We show you how.

How to Earn Money – Video 55:55
How to Earn Money – PDF

Step 6: Your Little Black Book

Free Sample – 3 min

Your Little Black Book – You’ve cultivated personal relationships with locals who trust you. This is gold. How can you make the most of those connections to create unforgettable trips that are customized for each traveler? We’ll tell you.

Part 1: Your Little Black Book – Video 24:56
Part 2: Your Little Black Book – Video 47:50
Your Little Black Book – PDF

Step 7: Tools for Success

Free Sample – 3 min

Tools for Success – How to run your business efficiently so no detail falls through the cracks (hey you know you love the details!)

Tools – Video 45:25
Tools – PDF
Itinerary Template – Powerpoint

Step 8: Lessons Learned and What to Measure

Free Sample – 3 min

After 11 years running “Italy Beyond the Obvious” Madeline shares the bumps and scrapes so you can avoid them. Also, what and how you should be measuring to ensure efficiency and constantly improve.

Complete Process Overview – Video 17:40
Lessons Learned – Video 21:04
What to Measure – Video 22:52
Sample Work Days – Video 8:05
Complete Process Overview – PDF
Lessons Learned – PDF
What to Measure – PDF

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