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Certified Travel Expert - CTE

Exclusive Recognition For Exceptional Travel Planners

Silver Certification

New to travel planning?
Want help jump-starting your new travel business? Our Silver Certification, bundled with our Travel Expert Training Program  and a one year subscription to the Travel Expert Network is the perfect springboard to help launch your company. Pass three Assessments and you will earn your Silver Certification:

Business Practices

Our Founder Essentials Bundle includes the training you need to set up your company and get a Silver Certification.

Already an established travel planner? 
If you’ve been in business for over a year, with more than ten clients, then you should look at our Gold Certification.


Implementation Assessment: Are you able to plan and deliver fantastic custom trips to your destination for travelers?
The how-to is laid out for you in the Travel Expert Training Program. Just put the lessons to work and you’ll be fine.

Expertise Assessment: Are you a “boots-on-the-ground” expert on your locale, able to create the perfect itineraries custom-tailored to each traveler?
You’ve probably traveled there extensively or better yet lived there. You’re already the local expert and friends come to you for advice on how to do it, where to go and what to see!

Business Practices Assessment: Are you legit? Are you easy to work with, ready to go the extra mile, all “i’s” dotted and “t’s” crossed?
We don’t give out our badges lightly – we need to make sure that we would recommend a traveler to your business. Because, once you become a CTE, we will!

Our assessments are a combination of written work and in-person interviews. We get to know each of our Travel Experts before we certify them!

Certified Travel Expert - Core Requirements

The assessments cover a range of topics. We look in particular for three things that set our Travel Experts apart from traditional travel guides and agents:

You Are a Travel Expert
Our students are already travel pros with extensive personal experience. While we don’t teach you travel expertise, we do teach you how to make six figures using it!

You Want to Offer Custom Trips
Our experts know that the best trips are tailored trips, where the entire experience is planned around customers’ interests and needs.

You Offer Transparent Pricing
To qualify for certification we require that experts offer full transparency on what they charge clients, with no hidden commissions, hidden fees, middlemen or markups.  

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