Our Travel Expert Essentials Bundle is designed to support the launch of a successful travel planning business. It includes two things, Travel Expert Training Program and Silver Certification.

Travel Expert Training Program: 8-lesson online video course that teaches how a travel expert can apply Madeline Jhawar’s methods including her unique 5-step planning process to grow their business. It includes 10+ hours of lessons and 20+ supporting templates and documents, covering everything from customer acquisition to project management.

Silver Certification: For travel experts who have successfully completed the Travel Expert Training Program and have set up their business according to our rigorous best practices standards, but may not have a long track record of successful trips. 

What you get:

  • 8-Lesson video course with 10 hours of video included – Syllabus
  • Lessons consist of a mix of videos, PDFs, Word and Powerpoint documents where founder Madeline Jhawar discusses key ideas in depth.
  • Lessons include checklists, templates, exercises and worksheets.
  • You’ll get access to a private Facebook group where participants can interact with and support each other.


Lesson 1: Customer, Services and Pricing – Define your customer, levels of service they value and how you should price them

Lesson 2: Customer Acquisition, Website, Marketing and Social – Your customer is looking for you way more than you’re looking for them! Get found organically without huge marketing spend.

Lesson 3: Closing the Customer/Customer Objections – It’s not always smooth sailing. We’ll show you how to get past the objections and get a signed contract. As a travek expert, you need a lot of requests and you need to close customers fast. Here’s how…

Lesson 4: 5 Step Travel Planning Process – The Secret Sauce that you have come for…

Lesson 5: How to Earn Money – Turning the passion into a paycheck – the different ways you can increase your cash flow – from fees to commissions to affiliate income. But, one of the most important ways to maximize your earnings is to work efficiently. We show you how.

Lesson 6: Your Little Black Book – You’ve cultivated personal relationships with locals who trust you. This is gold. How can you leverage these connections to create unforgettable trips that are customized for each traveler? We’ll tell you.

Lesson 7: Tools for Success – How to run your business efficiently so no detail falls through the cracks (hey you know you love the details! 🙂 )

Lesson 8: Lessons Learned and What to Measure – After 11 years running “Italy Beyond the Obvious” we share the bumps and scrapes so you can avoid them. Also, what and how you should be measuring to ensure efficiency and constantly improve.