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Allow me to introduce myself. I’m Madeline and I am in love with travel. I’ve lived in 5 different countries but my heart is in Italy. I lived there for a total of 5 years and a good chunk of my time was spent traveling, tour guiding and planning trips for friends and family traveling to Italy. People outside of my network would find out about the trips I planned and beg me to do it for them, offering to pay me for it.

The Internet has changed how people plan trips. There’s a new kind of travel business evolving and I was pioneering it. With the availability of Internet travel sites, people’s expectations for travel have been raised impossibly high. Everyone wants a special trip – they don’t just want to see the sites, they want to live like a local. This kind of traveler wants an individualized trip, at their own pace, to more diverse destinations, with incredible experiences along the way.

People said they’d be happy to pay for such a valuable service

and Italy Beyond the Obvious was born. 

The orders just kept rolling in. I did zero marketing and zero advertising. Customers found us purely organically and through word of mouth. I’ve transformed it into a 6-figure business and I now have a team I’ve trained to work with me because I couldn’t handle the volume on my own!

Guess What? People travel other places than Italy. Once my clients had finished their mind-blowing trips to Italy, they wanted the same experience in other destinations and they asked me for referrals to other countries or places, anywhere people wanted to explore. Other than travel agents, I didn’t know of anyone! This was another one of those lightbulb moments. Just as I had the expertise and passion for Italy – how many other people were living in or travelling to Paris? Mexico? Australia? Bend, Oregon? San Francisco?

Local experts wanted to learn to do what I do. At the same time, local experts, what I call “Destination Experts”, were starting to contact me and ask me to teach them to do what I do. So with this many requests coming from both sides, it was inevitable that I would create Travel Beyond the Obvious. And that brings me back to you.

You Can Get Paid to Plan Trips

I have developed a course and methodology for becoming a Travel Expert, as well as a certification program to show mastery of this kind of business. Yes. People do pay for this service. You can learn how to take your passion and, step-by-step, turn it into a thriving business. Explore this site to find out more – the Get Started page will help you assess where you are right now, and you can even download a free sample of one of my lessons here. If you have any questions, you can email me directly at or schedule a free consultation at your convenience.

Whether you decide to take a paid course or not, I really hope you join our online community. The world needs many, many more Destination Experts like you!

Madeline Jhawar

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